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"Hi Tiger" Duo Aerial Hammock

Act Length:

6 minutes

Suitable for:

All ages, but maybe be prepared to have a conversation about it. Variété, Cabaret, Burlesque, Gala, Corporate & Private events.

Tobit stands alone on the stage. Suddenly, Jasmijn appears, singing "Hi Tiger" and catching him off guard. With a sly smile and a wink, she seduces Tobit into joining her in an aerial hammock, causing the audience to giggle with delight. As Jasmijn's voice fills the room, a layer of beauty and sensuality is added to the already mesmerizing act.

The two of them perform acrobatic feats together, moving with fluidity and intimacy, creating an atmosphere that's both electrifying and intimate. The energy in the air becomes almost palpable as the performance reaches its climax, with Tobit and Jasmijn pushing the boundaries of what anyone expected. Despite the grandeur and spectacle, the act never loses its sense of humor, eliciting gasps and laughter from the crowd.

Tobit and Jasmijn's collaboration creates a masterpiece of acrobatics, music, and passion, leaving the audience breathless and moved. The performance will stay with the audience long after it's over, as they recall the unforgettable moments of Tobit and Jasmijn's stunning display of talent and intimacy.

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