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Tobit & Jasmijn

Unicycle & Aerial Duo

Tobit and Jasmijn vintage duo unicycle act at Slot Zeist, handing out a sustainability award, elegant unique ground act. Tobit en Jasmijn, retro jaren 20 acrobatisch eenwieler duet. Award uitreiking. Fiets act. Pin up. Circus Variété Cabaret

"Working with Tobit & Jasmijn is a delight! They fully immerse themselves in the program, think along about their role in it, and ultimately provide a result that exceeds your expectations!"

- Sylvia van der Akker (Rocket Agency & Events)

We are passionate about crafting tiny stories with a big impact using mesmerising theater, breathtaking acrobatics & live singing. We always go the extra mile to make your show the best it can be, while giving the people who watch it a long lasting and spectacular memory!

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