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UNI[cir]QUE exists, since 2014, out of the two artists Tobit van Vliet and Jasmijn Rubingh.

Together they are a unique performance duo from the Netherlands with high leveled skills and worldwide experience in performing acrobatics. They present several different acts, both on the floor as well as up in the air, which can be performed at corporate events, circus- theatre- and opera productions, television, theme parks, private events and festivals. The combination of the two of them gives a wide range of talents, skills and possibility’s.

Working with Tobit and Jasmijn is a party! They get fully engaged in the program, they think along about their part in it and come up with a result that exceeds your expectations. As a producer of the annual summer shows in themepark Duinrell, I had the privilege to work with this incredible duo during 3 seasons and I miss them still…

Sylvia van den Akker
Rocket Agency & Events
Producent Duinrell Zomershows