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About us

Getting started

Tobit van Vliet (09-06-1984) and Jasmijn Rubingh (17-02-1986) are a unique circusduo from the Netherlands with high leveled skills and worldwide experience in unicycle- and aerial acrobatics. Both started doing circus at a very young age, as a hobby at a youth circus. Jasmijn started at Circus Rotjeknor in Rotterdam and Tobit at Circus Poehaa in Arnhem.

Getting serious

Jasmijn specialized in hand to hand, with Andrea Souren, at Codarts, university of arts in Rotterdam. They graduated together in 2011, after which they performed around the world as Duo Strange Birds. Tobit followed his own path. He studied at Espace Catastrophe in Brussels. After that he was trained in straps and several other circus and performance disciplines for almost ten years at Corpus Acrobatics, an international acrobatic company based in the Netherlands. He performed with them all around the globe at many different events.

Getting together

In 2014 Tobit and Jasmijn met each other on tour and decided to work together. The combination of the two of them, gives a wide range of talents, skills and possibility’s. They are a professional, fearless and enthusiastic couple and will always get the best out of themselves and each other.

Tobit and Jasmijn have a lot of experience in performing at different events, productions, circuses and festivals in a big variety of disciplines, worldwide.


  • Tobit and Jasmijn have 617 days age difference.
  • Jasmijn has an addiction for shoes, she has a collection of over 60 pairs
  • Tobit is so dyslectic, that if he would have written this site, you would not be able to read it.
  • Both Tobit and Jasmijn have a very, very big love for chocolate and sweets.
  • Jasmijn bites her fingernails to the bones, especially when she is stressed.
  • Tobit drove his unicycle all the way from Nijmegen (NL) to Leuven (BE) at the age of 13.